Miessence Ingredients

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What Makes the Ingredients in Miessence Products so Great?


100% of the ingredients in Miessence products are active.

What does this mean?

  • Unlike most other products on the market Miessece products are not watered down but instead use Aloe Vera as a base.
  • All of the ingredients in Miessence products help feed your skin right down to the organic preservatives and antioxidanrts.

Cold-Formulation Process

No heat is added to any of the ingredients during manufacturing of the products ensuring that none of the essential, heat-sensitive vitamins and minerals maintain their potency.

Raw Ingredients

Almost all of the ingredients are processed using cold or room temperature pressing.

Small Batches Shipped Fresh

Small batches of Miessence products are made fresh every 30 days and shipped straight to the customer’s door. This helps ensure the freshness and potency of Miessence products.




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