About 2 Moms

Our Mission

2 Moms is dedicated to bringing you the highest quality organic skin care products that we can. We believe that what goes on your body is just as important as what goes in it.

Who We Are

2 Moms Natural Skin Care was founded by Anisha Perez-Cruz and Kayla Dickens. They both strive to raise their children in as natural and organic way as possible. While doing this they found that there are not many readily available organic skin care products on the market. Many claim to be natural and organic but are full of harmful preservatives. They decided to create organic products to use on themselves and their families and to sell to the public to help others have options that are healthier for their families.

How We Do It

All the products that come from 2 Moms are formulated and handmade by Kayla and Anisha with the highest quality organic ingredients hand picked by them. We test all products on ourselves first, we believe that if we want to sell a product to others we must be willing to use it on ourselves.

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